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The Haiphong International Gateway Port, also called the Lach Huyen Gateway Port, is the new – and first! – deep water port for the North of Vietnam. While the current port of Haiphong has a draft of only -7m, the new port will have a draft of -14m, offering vessels of up to 100.000 DWT to call directly the port, avoiding transhipment in Singapore or Hong Kong.

The port is a game changer for the North of Vietnam, opening up this booming region and interesting investment location to a wide range of industries who can now benefit from cost efficient import and export links. Construction is ongoing and the port is expected to be operational by the end of 2017.

Attracted by the upcoming new port, many investors have already found their way to Haiphong and the surrounding industrial zone’s like the Deep C and Dinh Vu Industrial Zones. Looking at FDI figures, investments in the North of Vietnam are outperforming the traditional investment locations in the South of the country (Ho Chi Minh City) and since construction of the new port started, majority of FDI is going to Haiphong area. Serious advantages like improved infrastructure with highways and airports, as well as abundant cost efficient and skilled labor force are contributing to the recent growth of industrialisation of the Haiphong area in the North of Vietnam.

Substantial infrastructure development is turning the northern port city of Hai Phong into an attractive destination for investment.

The city is aiming to optimise its potential, advantages, and opportunities to make a breakthrough and become a hub of industry and services with superior competitiveness, turning it into a green, civilised, and modern port city. Foreign investment attraction plays a very important role in the achievement of this target.

Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port

Construction on the Hải Phòng International Container Terminal (component B) began in Cát Hải District in the northern port of Hải Phòng City yesterday.

The two 750m-long wharfs in the component will sit on an area of 40ha each and cost a total of US$321 million. Once completed in 2018, the terminal will become the first deep- water port in the north, capable of receiving vessels up to 100,000 DWT,” Nguyễn Ðăng Nghiêm, the Sài Gòn Newport Corporation’s general director, said.

Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc on May 12 launched the construction of Hai Phong Container International Terminal in the northern port city of Hai Phong.

The Government expects the project will create a development force for the city and other localities in the North, the PM affirmed.

He said that with experience and capacity of Japan's Molnykit Company, the terminal will be launched timely and effectively.